Sexual Health for Men and Women: An Excellent Supplement for Consideration

There are a myriad of notions nowadays relative to what constitutes vibrant Sexual Health for men and women. An accurate understanding can only be gained through a fundamental understanding of biochemistry. While there are obvious differences in hormone makeup, every man and every woman requires proper daily nutrition to maintain the delicate balance of all biological functions.

In our modern society, there exist very serious deterrents to health in general. For example, an unprecedented incidence of free radical damage to the cells of our body. Also, contemporary farming techniques produce food seriously lacking in the trace elements necessary for proper daily nutrition (not only for humans, but also the animals we consume in our diet). These farming techniques also employ pesticides in their processes. The use of hormones and antibiotics in livestock processed for human consumption is another devastating factor for careful consideration.

There are locations in the world where cancer and ED (Erectile Dysfunction) are virtually unheard of and one of these places is the high mountain valley of Hunza, which is situated north of the Hunza River in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The primary reason the people of Hunza routinely live to be centurions, is a properly functioning immune system. Several factors contribute to such robust stability; the anomalous properties of the water (alkaline and ionized glacier water), pure air, lack of free radical damage, little or no stress, proper nutrition and hard work.

The substantial incidence of diseases such as cancer and ED is an alarming reality for those members of Industrialized Societies. I believe the proliferation of these diseases results from free radical damage and the breakdown in immune system function. This weakness is caused, not only by the deterrents to overall health mentioned previously, but also the absence of those factors existent in environments such as Hunza.

There is no shortcut to good health. It is achieved and maintained through a process widely know as Diet and Exercise. To succeed, proper diet must become as much a way of life as sufficient exercise. A diet which will provide the desired results must include high quality nutritional supplements. There are several to choose from, so be careful! Fake Vitamins (those manufactured in a laboratory) actually do more harm than good. These so-called vitamins are incomplete forms and when ingested, are recognized by the body almost as if they were poison. Consequently, the body leaches minerals from bones and amino acids from muscles to complete these foreign elements. Vitamin and mineral supplements produced from natural sources are essential to good health.

In your quest to become properly nourished, your supplemental regimen should consist of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, protein (for athletes and those involved in strength training), and herbs. It is easy to get carried-away once you begin supplementing, yet there are a few nutrients which must supplement our diet daily if we are to maintain a properly nourished condition. Since this article is about Sexual Health, we will start with some of those supplements which have passed my scientific tests for effectiveness and quality. My next article will include a more comprehensive breakdown of the basic supplements necessary to maintain a healthy diet.

For men, testosterone is the hormone of greatest concern as we age. From the time a man is in his mid to late 20’s, his natural production of testosterone begins to diminish. Testosterone is systemically essential and not simply the force behind a man’s sexual power. Free testosterone is necessary for several other biological functions such as, protecting your brain against memory loss, enhancing immune system function, maintaining strong bones and muscles, mood, heart health and more. Since testosterone is so significant, we will discuss it more comprehensively next time.

The supplementation of zinc is an excellent starting point and one which produces almost immediate results. Caution is necessary though, as excessive zinc intake interferes with the assimilation of copper. The trace element zinc plays a big part in normal growth and wound healing, development of the reproductive organs and proper functioning of the prostate. The building blocks of DNA and RNA are proteins and nucleic acids. Zinc is essential to the manufacturing of proteins and nucleic acids.

Natural sources of high quality zinc are always the most effective and one of least known, yet most studied is the little oyster. Yes that’s right; oysters have been consumed for centuries, because of their ability to produce increased libido, bigger and stronger erections and better sexual health. Oyster consumption is equally effective for both men and women, so enhance your sex life even more by sharing with your partner to increase and develop both of your sexual desire, vitality and endurance!

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