For Excellent Colon Health – Colonic Irrigation Flushes Out Toxins

With all the junk that we have around us today, it is very likely that our bodies are also carrying an amount of residual grime from all the preservative-laded food we eat and the unhealthy lifestyles we live. It is necessary to flush out all that residual grime rotting away in our intestines if we are to expect to live longer and healthier. In ancient times, a time when people lived longer lives, colonic irrigation or colonics was used as a form of medical treatment to maintain colon health. Today, clinics providing colon hydrotherapy and massage services just like Ireland’s Absolute Health have massage therapists and doctors on hand to help us stay healthy inside and out.

Absolute Health is a home-based colon clinic located in Dublin. Its owner and sole therapist, Charlotte, runs the clinic together with her husband Damian. The homey atmosphere in the clinic provides for an ultimately relaxing experience despite the presence of clinical equipment and tools. You can expect only the most professional treatments from Charlotte, only one of a handful of therapists recognized by the Association and Register of Colonics and Hydrotherapists (ARCH). It is Charlotte’s training and expertise in the realm of massage and colonic irrigation prior to setting up this home clinic that makes her truly credible and worthy of recognition by the Irish governing body for massage.

Colonic irrigation starts with a health check and a medical history taking. Your heart rate and blood pressure will be checked as well as your iris in iridology. Colon check or a colonoscopy will also be done to see the insides of your colon. Charlotte will not give you treatment if you are found to have high blood pressure or other diseases like Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, abdominal hernia, ulcers, rectal wounds, or any other conditions that could bring about complications to the procedure. After a colon hydrotherapy session, you will find that your bowel function normalizes and you just simple start feeling better and more energetic.

You can expect to spend about thirty to forty minutes in one session. Depending on how dirty your colon is or how much residue you have accumulated in it, your treatment could consist of several visits. While colonic irrigation is quite simple, it could be a bit uncomfortable. This is the reason why Charlotte and Damian have taken pains to make sure that the experience is made much more comfortable in a homey atmosphere. They also make sure that they use only sterile and pre-packed equipment for each person. By introducing filtered water into the colon through the rectum, the treatment water successfully flushes out waste products from your colon as it flows in and out of the colon.

At Charlotte and Damian’s Absolute Health clinic, you can experience professional treatment with their state of the art equipment and well appointed clinic room. Their facilities are compliant with prescribed ARCH standards for colonic irrigation and massage treatments. You can make a booking with Damian himself making sure that you are scheduled at your most convenient time. Prices are at an affordable range – and besides, you will be spared from spending on medical bills for various more serious illnesses that could develop from a dirty colon. The availability of ample parking also makes for a stress-free experience.

Living Together Without Marriage Improves Men’s Mental Health

A study in England of thousands of women and men found that people who went through the good and bad times with the original mate and stayed together were much happier mentally.

It was also found that men who played the field got over the relationships when they ended much quicker then women did.

Women who stay single who once had a great love that did not work out tended to be mentally stable.

The fact that women who live with a man without benefit of marriage are not as happy as the men is because there is no financial protection for them when the relationship ends. Security is everything to women and marriage represents stability and although the relationship can end they will have some rights. This explains why women who are married are more mentally stable then if they simply lived together.

Women have children and need a stable lifestyle and a strong desire to protect themselves and their kids. So marriage is very important financially and also there is the question of respect that everyone needs. If a women has her own career and here own money these thing may be less important.

From a man’s point of view and if he’s over 25 security is not very important. But most men don’t want to be squeezed into a relationship by the women he loves. He want’s it to be his idea. The trick for a woman is to make him believe it is His Idea.

Being married has always been associated with greater mental and physical health. Bachelors don’t live, as long, at least that’s what the myth indicates. In the past studies have shown married men live a longer life with greater psychological happiness.

There was an English study for 10 years ending in the millennium of 10,000 adults. Both men and women were interviewed and asked a series of questions about being depressed or anxious.

Long-lasting relationships that have weathered the storm provided excellent mental health.

People that had failed relationships and were now alone had combinations of grief and anger and were often depressed. Both men and women had poor mental health after this experience. But for those who could move on to new relationships, much of the damage was somewhat reversed. Although women seemed to have a harder time of letting go than men did.

Women’s mental health progressively deteriorated with the more break-ups they experienced.

For men that had several different experiences it seemed the opposite was true. Men who had more then one relationship and moved on seemed to be in excellent mental health. Those men that had only one relationship and not moved on were not as mentally stable.

Women who never married but lived with their mate were in great mental health unlike men in the same situation.