Creating Excellent Health

Excellent health is something that many people desire to have. Having excellent health is a mindset as well as how you direct your thoughts, what thoughts you think, and emotions that you express.

Many physical health issues are a result of thoughts that have been thought continuously over an extended period of time. Usually these thoughts are so much a part of our way of thinking about life that we do not realize that they are present and contributing to us having less than perfect health. It is through being very conscious about the thoughts we let run through our mind that we are then able to assist the body in maintaining an excellent state of health and being.

Another thing that can affect our health adversely are thoughts and emotions that are held such as resentment, anger, unhappiness, frustration, lack of love, etc. The vibration that these thoughts and emotions hold are of a lower vibration and pull the body out it is natural state of being which is a very high vibration. Illness and sickness that people experience are of a lower vibration. Many of these emotions and thoughts are very specific on which part of the body is affected. For example, anger affects the liver, unhappiness affects the pancreas, lack of loving feelings affects the heart. Conversely thoughts and emotions of happiness, joy, love, peacefulness, compassion, gratitude, etc. assist the body in maintaining the high vibration of excellent health and well being.

The mindset that you hold about your body and health also contributes to your state of health. If you have a mindset of excellent health, vibrancy, and being energetic then you will be. And if you hold a mindset of expecting to slow down, age, or gain weight as you proceed through your life experience then you most certainly will. One of the things about what you have as a mindset are beliefs that you have taken on unconsciously at an early age. So these beliefs and mindset are now an unconscious part of your thought patterns.

Change your mind and change your health. Choose which emotions and thoughts you desire to have run through your mind and feel in your body. Examine what your mindset you have and change that which you decide does not serve you best.

You are the creator of your life which includes the creator and maintaining of the vehicle you use to perceive your life experience – your body.

Copyright ©2008 Auriella O’Neill

Health Is the New Wealth, Are You Well-Thy?

No matter how successful you are and how much money you have in the bank, without good health you will be ill equipped to enjoy your riches and achievements.

Recent surveys show a trend towards preventative health and the maintenance of good health. Values have shifted and where once acquisition of possessions was seen as the symbol of wealth, nowadays the trappings associated with health are becoming a bigger status symbol.

Green juice, for example, is seen as a signaling of wealth, status, and discipline, and displaying the accoutrements of good health is being viewed as more important than the accumulation of expensive cars, houses, jewels, and other material “toys.”

It has been shown that consumers are more interested in staying fit and healthy than they are in paying for health care once they have become sick. They are willing to pay a higher price for products and services, which will keep them fit and well.

So rather than looking at dollars in your bank, why not take a few minutes to assess your own fitness level and see how “well-thy” you truly are…

The areas you need to look at in order to assess your health include the following:

• Eating habits
• Exercise
• Relaxation
• Mental Wellness
• Leisure and Fun
• Community
• Relationships
• Spirituality
• Finances

Take a look at the following questions and answer them by giving yourself a rating of 1-10 for each one.

Question 1: Eating Habits

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1= not at all and 10=extremely, how healthy is your diet?

Question 2: Exercise

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1=not at all and 10=excellent (5 to 7 times a week), how good is your exercise regime?

Question 3: Relaxation

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1=never and 10=daily, how much priority do you place on relaxation?

Question 4: Mental Wellness

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1=very poor and 10=excellent, please rate your mental health?

Question 5: Leisure and Fun

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1=very little and 10=plenty, how much leisure and fun are you having?

Question 6: Community

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1= very little and 10=plenty, how much do you connect with a community where you feel you belong?

Question 7: Relationships

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1= very poor and 10=excellent, please rate a) your relationship with yourself and b) your relationship with your significant other?

Question 8: Spirituality

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1= very poor and 10=excellent, please rate your relationship with your spirituality?

Question 9: Finances

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1= very poor and 10=excellent, how healthy are your finances?

With this simple self-assessment tool you can easily see the areas of your life where you are truly “well-thy” and those where you perhaps are a little “poor.”

• If you scored, 7 or more you are doing pretty well and can feel proud of yourself.

• In the areas where you scored 5 or less you might want to take a closer look.

• If you scored lower than a 3 on any area, it indicates that you really should take a closer look, and focus on some strategies for improvement in that area.

Even though you may be very successful in your corporate career and be absolutely loaded with the big bucks, if your relationships consistently suck or your blood pressure is too high and you are constantly running on overdrive, with a heart attack looming unless you lose fifty pounds, you might want to think about how wealthy you really are!

UGG Boots Assure Hot Styles and Great Health Benefits

People living in the rural areas in Australia got to know sheepskin shoes over 200 years ago. But the rest of world began to know UGG boots concretely after the time when Deckers Outdoor Corporation was authorized to produce sheepskin footwear in 1995. Till now, almost everyone knows Australian sheepskin boots set the hottest trend on footwear field. They make ultimate statement with fashion.

UGG mean hot styles. Both men and women wearing sheepskin boots from this famous brand look pretty good. Honestly speaking, some celebrities look outstanding in these simple, but classic styles. Women hold on to these boots even it’ s right time to buy a new wardrobe. They will be worn more frequently by trusty jeans. The shortest skirts can be paired with tall boots. Women show off slim outline on legs via these tall styles. Young girls would more like ankle boots. Short versions spice up their looks by something fashionable.

UGG boots assure great health benefits too. But make sure the boots you received are genuine, instead of cheap replica. Health benefits are only assured on originals. Unfortunately, most people haven’ t realized this. Therefore, before purchasing the shoes, make sure the store is authorized and trustful. We all know genuine UGG boots are made from Australian Merino sheepskin. This material touches soft. But you can not touch it while buying them online. So be aware of looks of the shoes. Top-grade sheepskin seems natural, even a little crumpled. Shiny or straight look can only be available on artificial leather. Of course, you will get nothing beneficial on those replicas.

How can UGG boots benefit the wearer’ s health? Excellent material is the first reason. People living in Australia and New Zealand wore these sheepskin boots for centuries. Can you image how cold those places will be? You can’ t. Thanks to genuine sheepskin, people can endure hard wind and heavy snow in chilly weather. Ugg boots benefit your health as they provide perfect warmth for feet. Coldness and moisture not only make you afraid of going out. They may also cause rheumatism, arthritis or chilblain. Top-grade material helps body to maintain a healthy temperature after repelling those harmful elements. Besides comfortable material, light rubber sole also benefits your feet, even your body. Feet do not get burdened after daily wearing. Also ingenious structure provides natural arch support. Thanks to these benefits, these shoes can be worn barefoot.

Women dream to look sexy in UGG. This has been achieved. Now, we totally believe not any choice will be better than looking sexy in shoes benefiting your health.