2 Signs That Mediocre Health Could Deplete Your Wallet

Have you ever seen an untuned engine provide extra mileage on a car, or a new computer perform seamlessly with outdated software? Like this machinery, our bodies can limp along for a while, but without attention, it won’t be long before systems begin to seize.

For people hoping to excel in their businesses and careers, these limitations can be uncomfortable and expensive. Poor health often leads to conditions that cause us to stop in our tracks–and cease producing. Most of the people I see at my Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing fall into this “mediocre” category. Although they have the best of intentions, they allow other priorities to outrank health. Ultimately, they fail to follow through with the self-care that is necessary for complete success–personal, professional, and financial.

There are real consequences to accepting health that’s “just OK” but not truly good.

1) Your performance is a reflection of the state of your health.
How you treat yourself, body and mind, will ultimately affect how you present yourself to the rest of the world, including your family, colleagues, and clients. You simply cannot be a success (at least, not for long) if you never put yourself on the “to-do” list.

Does the idea of giving yourself priority make you nervous? Do you think that would be selfish? Hardly. In fact, the opposite is true. Failure to care for yourself not only dims your potential brilliance, it also can result in delayed or lost opportunities to fulfill present and future goals. The whole cycle can be very costly in terms of productivity and financial loss.

Case study: Sophia told me she felt she was “spinning her wheels” in her business. Despite her best marketing efforts, she wasn’t monetizing as she hoped. We took a look at her goals and activities and a pattern emerged: She was putting everyone else’s needs above her own. What she needed was to properly focus on her own success. A few critical changes later, Sophia now sees the road ahead of her as smoother, clearer, and more fulfilling.

2) You have unexplained weight gain or pain, or you take more sick days than ideal.
Ouch. Unchecked stress has long been known to undermine or limit success, but did you know that it can literally make you fat, tired, and/or sick? I have seen firsthand many who have been absent from work, feeling too ill to work effectively or suffering from neck and back injuries, all because of an overload of stress in their lives. You might think stress is a necessary evil, but I guarantee there are techniques that help alleviate this “silent killer.”

Case study: Plagued by worry, doubt, and fears, Larry tossed and turned at night, unable to sleep. That’s when his back seemed to hurt the most. Finally, fatigue depleted his immune system, and he caught one cold after another. But Larry was able to turn his health around. By fine-tuning his sleep and work habits and finding holistic, balancing relief for stress, he was able to find calm again, clearing his way to better rest, a better mood, and pain relief.

Set aside time to get to know your health. Take a close look at your habits, your routines, and how you usually feel. Chances are you already have an idea which patterns are costing you precious time and results. What changes can you make to correct them? Act now to boost your bottom line by boosting your health, and be brilliant in both.